Women Entrepreneurs  

Learn How to Play the Funding Game 

Looking for Funding is like a game. Taking your first steps in funding can be intimidating. There is so much to learn, while you still need to manage and build your business at the same time.

Raising funding IS HARDER for women entrepreneurs, We only get 2.2% of VC Funding worldwide and nothing has changed much over the last 30 years!

Anne Ravanona, Founder & CEO, Global Invest HerAnne Ravanona, Founder & CEO, Global Invest Her

"When I learned about the $1.7 Trillion Funding Gap for Women Entrepreneurs, I decided my mission would be to help female founders get investor-ready, get funded and back to building their business! I believe Women Entrepreneurs are the greatest untapped resource to re-ignite the global economy. Let's Give them Equal Access to Funding Now!"

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What's the difference between Courses and Masterclasses?


Go deeper into a topic with the expert, learn the key things you need to know through. Each course takes an average of 3-6 hours to complete, depending on how deep you go into the bonuses and worksheets.

  • Short videos to learn quickly
  • Worksheets to help you take action
  • Pop Quizzes to test your understanding
  • Discussion groups to discuss with other students, chapter by chapter
  • Bonus material - to other resources to help you go even deeper into the topic
  • Course completion certificate - to show others you have completed the full online course (and even add it easily to your linked in profile :).


Want to learn from an Expert quickly, while you're on the go? Then these masterclasses are perfect for you. Learn from Investors, Funded Women and other Experts on the fly.

  • Short Videos
  • Checklists and Cheat Sheets
  • Links to extra resources

Own The Moment - Pitch Course

Sarah Kilbride, Future Female Founder, Northern Ireland

"I learned there are physiological differences between the genders that cannot simply be 'wished away'. As women, it serves us to best accept these differences, and do something about them to ensure they are not the reason we fail to get sufficient funding."

Crowdfunding 101 Course

Angela Leany, CEO Hogan Security Group, USA

"The tips were practical, pitched at the right level, interesting."

Nicole Glaros - Techstars- Investor Masterclass

Lucilla Costa, Edulai Edtech instructor, Italy

"Almost all of my questions were answered. I felt as if I was having a direct conversation with Nicole. It was almost personal."

Own The Moment - Pitch Course

Joanna Phiel, Program Manager, Lighthouse Labs Accelerator, USA

"One of the two female founders we have in our fall batch attended the program. She thought the content was of worth for female founders! She especially thought it was well packaged, in one place, and would help reduce frustration and self doubt on their part, which would be highly valuable. "

Nicole Glaros - Techstars - Investor Masterclass

Claire Chang, Fashtech Hub Founder, Taiwan

"I think many female founders here need to have more encouragement & help. It is good to have this Masterclass series to talk about different angles from investors' insights."

Own the Moment - Pitch Course

Victoria Simon, Founder of Aquilando, Argentina

“I found every explanation about the biological differences between men's and women's brains very useful and I think the clue to succeeding in business is to dominate and internalize that and act consequently. It's SO important for women in business to understand this in order to succeed.”

Selected Course Instructor(s)

International Experts to help you Learn key Funding Topics

Partner, Elaïa Partners

Samantha Jerusalmy

Samantha joined Elaia Partners in 2008. She began her career as a consultant at Eurogroup, a consulting firm specialised in organisation and strategy, within the Bank and Finance division. She then joined Clipperton Finance, a corporate finance firm dedicated to high-tech growth companies, before moving to Elaia Partners in 2008. She became an Investment Manager in 2011 then a Partner in 2014. Education: EDHEC Business School, Schulich Business School of Toronto (Bachelor), Loyola University of Chicago (MBA) Expertise: SaaS, Marketplace, Digital Media, Mobile, AI Learn more Learn more about Sam & Elaia Partners on her LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter @Sjerusalmy

John Fayad & Company Inc., Gender Awareness Specialist

John Fayad

I am a writer, facilitator, and frequent speaker on The Nature of Gender Differences and The Business Case for Gender Diversity. I’ve done extensive research over the years on the biological and cultural influences on gender and have collaborated on three books on gender differences at work and in personal life, including “Work With Me” with John Gray, author of “Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus”. I work globally with Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as American Express, Coca-Cola, NASA, L’Oréal, Nissan, SAP, and Vistage Worldwide, providing keynotes and facilitating gender awareness workshops, helping both men and women better understand and be better understood by the other gender.

Crowdfunding and Sharing Economy Expert, The People Who Share

Benita Matofska

Benita has run 5 crowdfunding campaigns, including the first ever Equity Crowdfunding campaign in the UK to triple their target raised. Her equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube was the first in the world to reach 304% of its target. Global award-winning social entrepreneur, crowdfunding expert, innovator and public speaker, Chief Sharer, Benita Matofska is a worldwide expert, speaker, writer and consultant on the Sharing Economy and the Founder of The People Who Share. The People Who Share is a social enterprise that helps people and companies discover the Sharing Economy -- the pioneers behind Global Sharing Week. Matofska is the winner of the Natwest Venus Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Winner, Ogunte Women’s Social Leadership Award for Best Social Business Leader UK & World 2013, Winner of the Natwest Venus Business Award, Inspirational Woman 2013, Finalist in the G8 Innovation Summit DNA Profit with Purpose Prize, winner TechPitch, winner Tech City News Social Good Award, winner Tech City News Elevator Pitch and selected for Google’s Blackbox Connect programme of born global tech ventures. Recently named as one of the top 10 people in the Sharing Economy to follow, she is an RSA Fellow, a former BBC TV executive and media entrepreneur, she has presented at TEDx LeWeb, European Parliament, World Forum for a Responsible Economy in Lille, European Commission, Brussels, Ministry for Economic Affairs, The Hague, Guardian Media Summit, FT European Sharing Economy Summit, Sustainable Brands, the RSA, European Cities Marketing Summit, Madeira, OuishareFest Paris and the House of Lords. She has shared a platform with Desmond Tutu, presented at Number 10 Downing Street and features regularly in the media worldwide. She is a true expert on Crowdfunding and the Sharing Economy and knows how harness the power of the crowd!
  • How many times can I access my course or masterclass ?

    You have unlimited access to your online course or masterclass for a maximum of 12 months from your date of purchase.

  • Should I complete the Modules in sequence?

    We have organised the course/masterclass so you take each module in sequence, as the learnings from each module build on those in the previous module.

  • What's included in each Module?

    Each Module in the Courses has 3 sections: WATCH, TAKE ACTION and GO FURTHER, where you can watch short videos (maximum length is 23 minutes), reflect on what you've learned and take notes in the worksheet provided with each module. You'll also get links to other resources such as books, articles, videos to help you go deeper into any particular section.

  • How can I contact the Instructor if I have any questions?

    You can contact the instructor directly by email provided for each one. If you need any technical help, please contact info@globalinvesther.com

  • Can I pay in several instalments?

    Only for our Own The Moment! course. As you can access all the content immediately and we have put a lot of love and work into bringing you an amazing online course, we hope you'll invest in yourself and join us on the other side. We promise it will be worth it!