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Funding Demystified

Kickstart your funding journey with us!

Looking for funding for your business doesn't need to be intimidating or overwhelming. It's a process that can be learned and you don't have to do it alone. We believe in a future where women entrepreneurs can raise funding at the same level as men and work for it every day. 

As part of our mission to help get 1M women entrepreneurs funded by 2030, we created this Funding Resources Hub for you, to help you learn what you need to get ready for funding faster.

Funding Newsletter

Get Global Funding News You Can Use

Your weekly dose of news with a focus on women entrepreneurs, female funders and updates on what's happening in the funding world.
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Courses and Masterclasses

Crowdfunding 101, How to Get Grants, Positioning Yourself Powerfully With Investors, Own The Moment When Pitching to Male Investors, Investor Masterclasses

What Other Women Entrepreneurs Say ...

Own The Moment - Pitch Course

Sarah McBride, Partner - Shrug Capital, UK

"I learned there are physiological differences between the genders that cannot simply be 'wished away'. As women, it serves us to best accept these differences, and do something about them to ensure they are not the reason we fail to get sufficient funding."

Crowdfunding 101 Course

Angela Leany, CEO Hogan Security Group, USA

"The tips were practical, pitched at the right level, interesting."

Nicole Glaros - Techstars- Investor Masterclass

Lucilla Costa, Edulai Edtech instructor, Italy

"Almost all of my questions were answered. I felt as if I was having a direct conversation with Nicole. It was almost personal."

Own The Moment - Pitch Course

Joanna Phiel, Program Manager, Lighthouse Labs Accelerator, USA

"One of the two female founders we have in our fall batch attended the program. She thought the content was of worth for female founders! She especially thought it was well packaged, in one place, and would help reduce frustration and self doubt on their part, which would be highly valuable. "

Nicole Glaros - Techstars - Investor Masterclass

Claire Chang, Fashtech Hub Founder, Taiwan

"I think many female founders here need to have more encouragement & help. It is good to have this Masterclass series to talk about different angles from investors' insights."

Own the Moment - Pitch Course

Victoria Simon, Founder of Aquilando, Argentina

“I found every explanation about the biological differences between men's and women's brains very useful and I think the clue to succeeding in business is to dominate and internalize that and act consequently. It's SO important for women in business to understand this in order to succeed.”

Funding Conversations (Live Webinars)

Connect with Investors, Funded Founders and Key Funding Ecosystem Players

Ever wished you could ask investors and funded women entrepreneurs any question you wanted live, without the pressure of 'pitching' or trying to impress? And even network live with other participants to build your global network? Then our next Funding Conversation is for you! (Monthly)

Top 10 Places to Look For Funding

For Female Founders In a Hurry!

We want to make things easier for you and help you speed up your research time, by pointing you in the right direction, with this list of Top 10 Funding Sources, specially curated for you, so you can already start planning who you want to target, to pitch your awesome startup.
Booklet with Top 10 Places to look for funding

Investor Databases

Check out these great global lists of venture capitalists and business angels, to do your Investor Research

Stop searching all over the web to find lists of potential investors and sources of funding. We've done the work for you by selecting great lists of investors, some female founder focused, some mixed, so you can do your investor research.
Photo of a woman putting her hand on another woman's shoulder in a sign of support

What Investors Want to Know Before They Invest

Get inside their heads, so you can better answer their questions!

If you're new to the funding game, you'll probably be curious about what investors actually look for in a company before they invest. Or if you've already had some investor meetings, maybe some of these things will ring true for you and bring you some additional insights?

InvestHer Blog

How do we walk the talk when it comes to global Advocacy on behalf of women entrepreneurs? Where can you find the latest funding research, tips, cool resources curated and created for you? Why in InvestHer Blog of course!
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Is it really harder for Women Entrepreneurs to Get Funding?

Watch how asking a harmless question at an event led Anne Ravanona to build Global Invest Her, and discover how Community can change funding for women entrepreneurs.


Community Changes Everything

Remember - You don't have to go it alone!