Everything You Need to Know About Crowdfunding

Get Behind-The-Scenes Tips and Tactics That Work to have a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

  • Have you thought about doing a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for your business but don't know where to start?

  • Want to learn the basics about Crowdfunding, what it is, how to choose the right platform and run a successful campaign?

  • Do you want real preparation and communication tips that really work, so that your campaign is a success first time?

Then this course is for you!

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Who's this Course For?

Anyone who wants to learn the basics about Crowdfunding and How to Run a Successful Campaign

  • Entrepreneurs who want to use Crowdfunding for Marketing or to Raise Money for their Company

  • Non-profits who want to understand how to run successful Donation based campaigns

  • Students who want to support a cause or test a concept before really going for it

  • Anyone who is curious and wants to understand what Crowdfunding is all about in an easy, practical and convenient way

How This Course Will Help You

Learn How To Attract Backers for Your Crowdfunding Campaign With Actionable Key Tips from an Expert who has done 5!

You too can run a successful Crowdfunding Campaign first time around - we'll show you how!

  • Understand different types of Crowdfunding and how to choose the right platform  
  • Harness the power of the Crowd to launch your product/service or get investors for your Business
  • Learn Key Tactics that actually work, so you create a real buzz around your Campaign
  • Get organised in advance - learn how to prepare key Communication messages for different audiences in your crowd
  • Use the right Tech - to automate your messages when your campaign is live
  • No theory - all actionable tips you can use straight away!

All from a true Crowdfunding Expert who has successfully done several Campaigns, both Donation and Equity Based.

What People Are Saying

Angela Leaney

CEO, Hogan Security Group, USA

"I just had to tell you, Benita's Online Course was stellar! The tips were practical, pitched at the right level and useful".

Patricia Hanson

International Sales & Marketing Director, Dublin, Ireland

"Excellent content, well worth it! I shared the link with others too. Rated the course 9/10".

What's Included

  • Exclusive Insights

    Exclusive insights on actionable behind-the-scenes tips and tricks that really work, from an international Crowdfunding and Sharing Economy Expert, who has already run 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns.

  • Flexible Learning

    We know you're busy! Building a business and learning to prepare and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign at the same time is tough. You can take the online program at your own pace, on-demand to fit best into your schedule. Access anytime.

  • Actionable Worksheets

    Each module has a downloadable Worksheet where you can take notes, reflect on what you've learned, plan how you'll prepare your own Crowdfunding Campaign and start working on it with your new insights.

  • Short Impactful Videos

    Each module begins with a short, impactful video full of insights, examples and practical tips you can use straight away. Perfect for diving in quickly or going back to review key topics and advice, as a reminder before your Crowdfunding Campaign.

  • Recommended Resources

    Go deeper into certain modules with extra articles, videos and links to other recommended resources, to help you gain even more insights and understanding about different types of Crowdfunding Campaigns and key tools and strategies to help you be successful.

  • Community

    You'll get access to an exclusive Facebook Group of the Global Invest Her Community, a safe space where you can share your experiences of crowdfunding and looking for funding, give and get feedback and tips from each other and stay in touch with other female founders like you.

Course Bonuses

  • Super Secret Crowdfunding Tips

    ($20 value) FREE!

  • Create your Crowdfunding Campaign

    Essential Guide from Indiegogo FREE!

  • Crowdfunding 101 Top 10 Tips

    ($20 value) FREE!

Course details

Check out what you'll learn

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • What You Will Learn in Chapter 1 - Crowdfunding 101 - The Big Picture

    • WATCH: The Big Picture - Key types of Crowdfunding and 7 Myths you need to know

    • TAKE ACTION: Worksheet - Download and take notes as you follow the course

    • Download Benita's Full Slide Deck, so you can always reference her key tips

    • GO FURTHER: List of Crowdfunding Platforms around the world

    • Quick Review

  3. 3
    • What You Will Learn In Module 2 - some key tactics you must master, for your campaigns

    • WATCH: Tactics, Tactics, Tactics - It does not just happen. YOU create this.

    • GO FURTHER: More resources to help you use these tactics in your campaign

    • Quiz: What did you learn about Tactics?

  4. 4
    • What You Will Learn in Module 3- Practical Tips and Tricks for Campaign Success

    • WATCH: Practical Tips and Tricks for your Crowdfunding Campaign

    • TAKE ACTION: How to put these Tips & Tricks into Action

    • Quiz: Now, did you remember those key Tips & Tricks? Let's see

  5. 5
    • What You Will Learn in Module 4: Key Crowdfunding Communications Strategy and Actions for Success

    • WATCH: Key Communications strategy and Actions to take to make your campaign a hit!

    • GO FURTHER: More Crowdfunding Communications Resources

    • Quick Quiz!

  6. 6
    • What You Will Learn In Module 5: Using Key Tech, Social Media and other Secret Tips to Boost Your Campaign

    • WATCH: How to choose your Tech, use social media and other cool tips for your Campaign Communications

    • BONUS: Create Your Crowdfunding Campaign - Essential Guide by Indiegogo

    • GO FURTHER: Leverage on Social Media to achieve your Crowdfunding Goals

  7. 7
    • What You Will Learn in Chapter 6: Campaign Results and Final Key Tips for Success

    • WATCH: How She Did It and How You Can smash Your Campaign record too!

    • BONUSES: How to set your Crowdfunding Goals

    • BONUS: Actionable Key Tips to make you SUPER successful at Crowdfunding.

    • BONUS! : Crowdfunding 101 - Top 10 tips

    • Last Quiz - We Promise!

  8. 8
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...


Crowdfunding and Sharing Economy Expert, The People Who Share

Benita Matofska

Benita has run 5 crowdfunding campaigns, including the first ever Equity Crowdfunding campaign in the UK to triple their target raised. Her equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube was the first in the world to reach 304% of its target. Global award-winning social entrepreneur, crowdfunding expert, innovator and public speaker, Chief Sharer, Benita Matofska is a worldwide expert, speaker, writer and consultant on the Sharing Economy and the Founder of The People Who Share. The People Who Share is a social enterprise that helps people and companies discover the Sharing Economy -- the pioneers behind Global Sharing Week. Matofska is the winner of the Natwest Venus Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Winner, Ogunte Women’s Social Leadership Award for Best Social Business Leader UK & World 2013, Winner of the Natwest Venus Business Award, Inspirational Woman 2013, Finalist in the G8 Innovation Summit DNA Profit with Purpose Prize, winner TechPitch, winner Tech City News Social Good Award, winner Tech City News Elevator Pitch and selected for Google’s Blackbox Connect programme of born global tech ventures. Recently named as one of the top 10 people in the Sharing Economy to follow, she is an RSA Fellow, a former BBC TV executive and media entrepreneur, she has presented at TEDx LeWeb, European Parliament, World Forum for a Responsible Economy in Lille, European Commission, Brussels, Ministry for Economic Affairs, The Hague, Guardian Media Summit, FT European Sharing Economy Summit, Sustainable Brands, the RSA, European Cities Marketing Summit, Madeira, OuishareFest Paris and the House of Lords. She has shared a platform with Desmond Tutu, presented at Number 10 Downing Street and features regularly in the media worldwide. She is a true expert on Crowdfunding and the Sharing Economy and knows how harness the power of the crowd!

Only $197 (worth $297)

Must-Knows to help you build and run your Crowdfunding Campaign

  • $197.00

    Crowdfunding 101 Online Course


  • How many times can I access the Crowdfunding 101 course?

    No need to rush your learning! You have unlimited access to your Crowdfunding 101 online course for a maximum of 12 months from your date of purchase.

  • Do I have to do the lessons in the sequence shown?

    Yes, the course is organised so that you take each Chapter in the sequence , as the learnings from each Chapter builds on those from the previous one.

  • What's included in the Chapters?

    Each Chapter has 3 sections: WATCH, TAKE ACTION and GO FURTHER, where you can watch the short videos (maximum length is 23 minutes), reflect on what you've learned and take notes in the worksheet provided. We also give you links to other resources such as books, articles, videos to go further if you'd like to go even deeper into any particular section and there are quick quizzes to check what you have learned.

  • How can I contact the Instructor if I have an questions?

    You can contact the instructor directly via email, or through the conversations section in the course.

  • Can I pay in several instalments?

    Hopefully by now, you'll see why this course is a great investment for you. We don't offer payment in different instalments for the Crowdfunding 101 course. As you can access all the content immediately and we have put a lot of love and work into bringing you an amazing online course, we hope you'll invest in yourself and join us on the other side. We promise you'll never look at Crowdfunding the same way again!

Only $197 (worth $297)

What you need to know to get ready for a successful Crowdfunding Campaign

  • $197.00

    Crowdfunding 101 online course


This course is about teaching your the basics about Crowdfunding quickly and effectively.

Because, quite simply, if you can raise funding via a Crowdfunding Campaign, you can also build your network, influencers and get great marketing for your company.

In this course, we give you a powerful toolkit. We go far beyond the usual Crowdfunding you may have been exposed to, because you get the real behind-the-scenes tips that work, from a Crowdfunding expert who has already done 5 different Crowdfunding campaigns.

You'll never approach Crowdfunding the same way again, and will run a more successful campaign thanks to what you learn here.