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  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn specific skills and knowledge to help them get ready for investment

  • Entrepreneurship and Business School students doing courses on Entrepreneurship, who want to dive deeper into certain Funding topics

  • Accelerators, Mentors, Corporates, Startup Advisors - anyone who supports Women entrepreneurs to help them grow their business

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Why Learn about Funding?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, startup advisor or mentor to founders, raising funding is a key tool for really scaling a business. 

Learning how to do it effectively and efficiently is key, so you can get back to building your business as soon as possible. These Courses will speed up your learning, so you learn what you need, get funded faster and back to business!

  • Raise the money you deserve, to help you move your business forward

  • Pitch to Male Investors with more success, Create and Manage your first Crowdfunding Campaign easily and much more!

  • Master the funding game, rules and techniques to get funded faster!

  • Stop having 500 cups of coffee with the wrong people - learn how to target the right investors!

  • Learn key skills and knowledge during each phase of your startup.

  • Understand better what Investors look for before investing

Quality Training from Funding Experts

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What's Included In Each Course

  • Female Focused

    Exclusive insights into the key funding tools, knowledge and techniques to help you fund your business, brought to you by true experts. Specially tailored advice for female founders.

  • Flexible Learning

    We know you're busy! Building a business and learning to pitch for funding at the same time is tough. You can take these online courses at your own pace, on-demand to fit best into your schedule. Access anytime, anywhere!

  • Actionable Worksheets

    Each course has a downloadable Worksheet where you can take notes, reflect on what you've learned and start using your new tools and insights to get funded faster.

  • Short Impactful Videos

    Each lesson begins with a short, impactful video full of insights, examples and practical tips you can use straight away. Perfect for diving in quickly or going back to review key topics and advice, as a reminder before your next pitch, crowdfunding campaign or investor meeting!

  • Resources & Quick Quizzes

    Test what you've just learned through quick quizzes. Go deeper into certain topics with extra articles, videos and links to other recommended resources, to help you gain even more insights and understanding about that topic.

  • Course Completion Certificate

    Everyone likes to be recognised for their hard work! Get your individual course completion certificate, so you can showcase your learning on that specific topic to others and online.

Own The Moment When Pitching!

Decode How Men Think and Capture the Attention of Male Investors

Remember that last pitch, where you weren't taken seriously by male investors? Or maybe the pitch competition, where you got asked different questions than male entrepreneurs? This course will help you understand where biases and blindspots come from, how men and women think differently and how it affects the pitch, as well as practical key tips. Don't dread the pitch - Own the Moment!

Quality Courses By An Entrepreneur For Entrepreneurs

Learn What You Need To Know, with specific advice for Women Entrepreneurs!

What People Are Saying

Own The Moment! Course

Victoria Simon, Founder of Aquilando, Argentina

" I found every explanation about the differences between men and women's brains very useful, and I think the clue to succeeding in business is to dominate and internalize that, and act consequently. It's SO important for women in business to understand this to succeed!"

Nicole Glaros Investor Masterclass

Angie Carrillo, OpenExO Ambassador, San Francisco, USA

"I really liked the questions. I related to a lot of them, even though I didn't ask any. I really liked the advice, especially about feedback from VCs."

Own The Moment! Course

Stephanie Gilchrist, Former Director Women in Entrepreneurship Program, Youngstown Business Incubator, USA

"The course was filled with insights beyond showing women entrepreneurs how to pitch. John and Anne showed the thought process of male vs female to go beyond the surface. Awesome program!".

Nicole Glaros Investor Masterclass

Vanessa Matthews, Founder of Word-Of-Mouth, Berlin, Germany

" What I learned most, is that building relationships with investors is really about the basics of sales."

Own The Moment! Course

Sarah Kilbride, Future Female Founder, Northern Ireland

" I learned there are physiological differences between the genders that cannot simply be 'wished away'. As women, it serves us best to accept these differences and do something about them, to ensure they are not the reason we fail to succeed to get sufficient funding."

Nicole Glaros Investor Masterclass

Claire Chang, Techmoi International Ltd, Taipei, Taiwan

" I think many female founders here need to have more encouragement and help. It is good to have this Investor Masterclass series to talk about different angles from investors insights."

Own The Moment! Course

Hannah Kim, Founder of Mifiel, Mexico

"I loved the enthusiasm of both instructors. I was aware of the benefits of 'mirroring behaviors', but the practical tip you shared regarding mirroring their language ( and doing research beforehand about how investors write, how they react to other entrepreneur's pitches etc) made me think about it in a different way. I'll definitely try to put it into practise next time."

Every Investor and Expert has kindly given their time to support Female Founders and help you succeed in getting funding.

  • Each expert kindly gave their time and advice to share their funding wisdom and practical tips with you, because they want to help more women entrepreneurs get funded. We all want to help you succeed!

  • All proceeds from their courses are re-invested into the InvestHer Academy to bring you more great knowledge to help get you funded.

  • We hope that one day soon, you will be giving one of these courses or masterclasses to share your funding experience with other female founders,  as either an entrepreneur or investor! If you are ready now, please contact us!

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Remember - Funding IS HARDER for Women Entrepreneurs! You don't have to go it alone!

Save a lot of time and energy that you can use to build your business. Learn directly from Investors, Funded Women and other Experts, who all help you demystify funding, understand what you need to do (and not do!), to get ready for funding. 

We've got your back!