Tired of chasing Investors, Funded Entrepreneurs and others to learn about Funding faster?

Recognise yourself in this list? Then this is for you!

  • Busy Women Entrepreneurs who want to learn specific skills and knowledge to help them get ready for investment

  • Entrepreneurship and Business School students doing courses on Entrepreneurship, who want to dive deeper into certain Funding topics

  • Accelerators, Investors, Mentors, Corporates, Startup Advisors - anyone who supports Women entrepreneurs - these masterclasses will be a great resource for you!

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Ever wished you could get inside the heads of Investors and Women Entrepreneurs who raised funding?

And download their tips and tools so you don't have to re-invent the wheel?

You've come to the right place!  In these Masterclasses with Investors, Funded Women and other Experts, you can get the practical, actionable Funding tips and advice you need - faster!

What's Included in Each Masterclass?

To help you learn faster

  • Flexible Learning

    We know you're busy! Building a business and learning to pitch for funding at the same time is tough. You can take these online masterclasses at your own pace, on-demand to fit best into your schedule. Access anytime, anywhere!

  • Female Focused

    Exclusive insights into the key funding tools, knowledge and techniques to help you fund your business, brought to you by true funding experts - the people who have done it! Specially tailored advice for female founders.

  • Bite-size, impactful Videos & Nuggets

    Around 2 hours of videos, a Worksheet, Cheatsheet and much more! Each masterclass has short, impactful videos with investors, funded women or experts, full of insights, examples and practical tips you can use straight away.


  • Top 10 Tips

    Short 1 pager with the experts Top 10 tips as a reminder sheet of their key advice to you, that you consult just before pitches, investor meetings etc.

  • Worksheet

    Each masterclass has its own worksheet for you to take notes and most importantly, take action with what you've just learned.

  • Other Bonuses

    Each masterclass expert is different and therefore shares different tips. Here we include extra bonuses (articles, videos etc), linked to what they say in their videos, to help you go further on the topic.

Meet the Investors

Who have donated their time and wisdom to help Women Entrepreneurs get funded.

Partner, Elaïa Partners

Samantha Jerusalmy

Samantha joined Elaia Partners in 2008. She began her career as a consultant at Eurogroup, a consulting firm specialised in organisation and strategy, within the Bank and Finance division. She then joined Clipperton Finance, a corporate finance firm dedicated to high-tech growth companies, before moving to Elaia Partners in 2008. She became an Investment Manager in 2011 then a Partner in 2014. Education: EDHEC Business School, Schulich Business School of Toronto (Bachelor), Loyola University of Chicago (MBA) Expertise: SaaS, Marketplace, Digital Media, Mobile, AI Learn more Learn more about Sam & Elaia Partners on her LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter @Sjerusalmy

Chief Investment Strategy Officer, Techstars, Techstars

Nicole Glaros

Nicole got her entrepreneurial start in the 4th grade, orchestrating cousins into theatrical plays and charging neighbors admission. From there, she founded 3 startups which is the source of her passion for helping grow startups. Since then, she's spent over 15 years working with and funding early-stage web software companies. Most recently, she's the Chief Product Officer at Techstars (www.techstars.com) and was a key catalyst in growing the organization from 2 people to a global powerhouse with 18 offices worldwide, events in over 500+ cities, and a market cap of over $5B with $265M under management. She's an expert in growing global organizations, building startup ecosystems, working with early stage startups, venture capital, and more. She sits on boards, has invested in over 90 companies, was named one of the "Coolest People in New York Tech" by Business Insider, Marie Claire named her one of the "NewGuard", and Entrepreneur Magazine called her "One of the 7 most powerful women to watch". Nicole graduated with her Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from the University of Florida, likes to do at least one philanthropic thing annually, and shares the wonderment of parenthood with the love of her life, Mark. In her free time, you’ll find Nicole speaking in public at large events like SXSW and WebSummit, on her bike, on a trail, or on the slopes, hanging with her big fat greek family, traveling to some exotic destination, or generally making a fool of herself to entertain others (like boxing!). Specialties: technology seed-stage companies, operations, public speaking and community relations, growth strategies, fundraising, venture capital, pitch for capital Learn more Discover more about Nicole on her blog(http://nearlynicole.com) and follow her on Twitter @nglaros (https://twitter.com/nglaros).

Principal, at Mangrove VC

Yannick Oswald

I am a Principal at Mangrove, where I focus on consumer applications and brands as well as B2C and B2B SaaS businesses and marketplaces. Above all, I like working from an early stage with driven entrepreneurs who want to take over the world by offering a frictionless customer experience combined with an innovative business model and a vision to leverage mass format changes such as mobile, AR, audio and voice. I am particularly passionate about finding opportunities at the underexplored “edges” of the venture market, be they geographic or demographic. I currently serve as a board member of Sybel, Safe365, Attentive.us, Echobox and as a board observer at RedPoints, Flo, GetAlbert. ​

Samantha Jerusalmy Investor Masterclass

Tracey Blake, Founder & CEO, Student Nannies, UK

"I did really enjoy the chat and it was great being able to ask questions during the session. Sam gave really practical advice and I think Anne did a great job hosting. Go Ladies!"

Nicole Glaros Investor Masterclass

Lucilla Crosta, Edulai edtech startup, Italy

"This masterclass taught me that it is key to start a relationship with a potential investor as early as possible. I am learning that this is the key in everything in business, like when we build our network. I was not aware that this was also valid for potential investors."

Nicole Glaros Investor Masterclass

Angie Carillo, OpenExO Ambassador, San Francisco, USA

"I really liked the questions (to Nicole). I related to a lot of them, even though I didn't ask any. I really liked the advice, especially about the feedback from VCs."

  • How long do we have access to the Masterclass for?

    Once you buy a masterclass, you have access to it 24/7 for 1 year from your date of purchase. You can watch your masterclass from any device (laptop, iPad or phone). Plenty of time for you to go back to it time and again for tips!

  • How long does each Masterclass take to finish?

    On average, each Masterclass should take you 2 hours to complete. The videos are never longer than 30 minutes each, so you can take each section in bite-size chunks.

  • What's included in each Masterclass?

    Each masterclass includes a clear outline of the topics and questions answered, short, dynamic videos, a worksheet for you to take notes and many extra bonuses to help you go further on that topic! All top quality content, made specifically for female founders!

  • How can I contact the instructor if I have any questions?

    Where the expert (investor, funded woman or other type of expert) has shared their email publicly online, we provide it here. It's up to you, if, when and how you should approach them (listen to their tips in the masterclass!). Each person has already generously given their time and knowledge to help you move forward. Remember - hustle, not hassle!

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