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    • About This Video Library of Investor Insights Videos

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    • Kelly Hoey, Laconia Capital (VC) shares her Key Tips

    • Shelly Porges, Angel Investor and Managing Partner of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women

    • Mary McKenna, Angel Investor

    • Sharon Vosmek, CEO Astia Angels and Astia Fund

    • Sue Black OBE, Global Tech Advocate

Real tips from Real Investors

Great insights to help you on your way to get funded!

Each investor shares:

  • 1 Cool Fact About Themselves
  • 3 Key Tips to Women Entrepreneurs looking for funding
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Parting Message to Inspire You

What They Share

Some key tips for you

"Make sure you are solving a problem or offering a solution that someone is willing to pay for" - Shelly Porges

"Reach Out to Your Peers. VCs get referrals through their networks" - J. Kelly Hoey

"Have somebody on your team that has raised money before. It will save you so much time and effort". - Mary McKenna

"Get to know me. I invest in companies led by women and value women as leaders" - Sharon Vosmek

"If you want to make stuff happen in the world, just get out there and do it!" - Dr. Sue Black

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