How to Decode How Men Think and Capture the Attention of Male Investors

Welcome to the Real World of Funding for Women Entrepreneurs!

  • You're the only woman in the room, pitching to a half-dozen male investors who don't seem that interested in you or your business.

  • They don't take you as seriously as they do male entrepreneurs and seem to question your competence and confidence.

  • Many investors believe that female founders will always put family first and not commit to the business long term.

  • They often ask different questions to male and female entrepreneurs, asking men questions about potential growth, while asking women about potential pitfalls.

Given this environment, you may feel apprehensive and less confident when pitching for the funding you need to grow your business. There's no need to feel that way any more!

Don't Dread the Pitch - Own the Moment!

Who's this Course For?

Whether you are a Women Entrepreneur, Accelerator, Corporate, Mentor or Advisor to female founders, learning how to pitch effectively to male investors is vital to raising funding.

  • You have an idea to set up your business and will need to secure your first funding to build your prototype

  • Or you have launched your business and are now looking for funding to grow it to the next stage.

  • Or maybe you simply want to learn about how to pitch effectively to male investors to be heard properly and taken seriously?

  • Even if you've raised some money, you may want to gain a special edge with new insights into the male way of thinking.

  • Or maybe you advise/mentor startups or support them through an accelerator.

This Course is For You!

 You can influence how well your next pitch is received by male investors, by using the key insights, tips and tools from this course.

You'll learn that gender differences do exist in the pitch situation - it's not all in your head. Once you know them, we help you adjust your pitch content and delivery with practical tools, tips, and resources. 

You will:

  • Understand the current world of funding  for women entrepreneurs to be ready for the challenges you'll be facing.
  • Harness leading-edge  neuroscience to your advantage, so you understand where gender differences really come from and, how they show themselves in the pitch.
  • Recognize male investor biases and blind spots  and use that knowledge to give you an edge when pitching.
  • Identify your own biases and blindspots and how they can  cause you to misread the intentions and behaviors of male investors.
  • Get a Toolkit of Practical Tips on how to best pitch to male investors through a unique gender-awareness angle: from framing your message for the male brain; to communication techniques that grab attention; to body language that shows confidence.

Many attendees say that what they learn in this course helps them in their personal lives too!

What People Are Saying

Female Founders, Accelerators and Mentors

Victoria Simon

Founder of Aquilando, Argentina

“I found every explanation about the biological differences between men's and women's brains very useful and I think the clue to succeeding in business is to dominate and internalize that and act consequently. It's SO important for women in business to understand this in order to succeed.”

Natasa Nikolic

EY EMEIA Program Lead, Entrepreneurial Winning Women, Serbia

“Great course. It was very relevant and useful for women entrepreneurs."

Sarah Kilbride

Future Female Founder, Northern Ireland

“I learned there are physiological differences between the genders that cannot simply be 'wished away'. As women, it serves us to best accept these differences, and do something about them to ensure they are not the reason we fail to get sufficient funding."

Stephanie Gilchrist

Former Director, Women in Entrepreneurship Program Youngstown Business Incubator, USA

“The course was filled with insight beyond showing female entrepreneurs how to pitch. John and Anne shared the thought-process of the male versus the female to go beyond the surface. Awesome program!”

Edith Nuxe

Co-Founder Nextérité, France

“Thank you for this course which was very interesting, engaging and professionally delivered. The neuroscience part was really interesting and a good background to better understand how men can react. Also, I realised my fears of not being understood, are weakening my presentation skills."

Hannah Kim

Founder of Mifiel, Mexico

“I loved the enthusiasm of both instructors. I was aware of the benefits of "mirroring" behaviors, but the practical tip that you shared regarding mirroring their language (and doing research beforehand to see how male investors write, how they react to other entrepreneurs' pitches, etc) made me think about it in a different way. I'll definitely try putting it into practice next time."

Eoghan Stack

Former Chief Executive, DCU Ryan Academy Accelerator, Ireland

“I particularly enjoyed the last Module as this content was most practical and relevant (for my personality type) and while some material wasn't new to me, I felt it was delivered really well and I was taking notes for myself as reminders of best practice."

Joanna Phiel

Program Manager, Lighthouse Labs Accelerator, USA

“One of the two female founders we have in our fall batch attended the program. She thought the content was of worth for female founders! She especially thought it was well packaged, in one place, and would help reduce frustration and self doubt on their part, which would be highly valuable. "

What's Included

  • World Exclusive Insights

    Exclusive insights on gender differences in our brains and how they show up in the pitch situation, and practical, actionable key tips on how to handle them, to give you an edge when next pitching to male investors. You will NOT find this information anywhere else!

  • Flexible Learning

    We know you're busy! Building a business and learning to pitch for funding at the same time is tough. You can take the online program at your own pace, on-demand to fit best into your schedule. Access anytime. Spot quizzes to make sure you've learned the content and a COURSE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE one you have completed it.

  • 6 Actionable Worksheets

    Each module has a downloadable Worksheet where you can take notes, refresh your memory on key content, reflect on what you've learned, plan how you'll adapt your pitch and start re-working it with your new insights.

  • 2 hours of exclusive video tutorials + links to several hours of pitch video examples.

    Each module begins with a short, impactful video full of insights, examples and practical tips you can use straight away. Perfect for diving in quickly or going back to review key topics and advice, as a reminder before your next pitch.

  • Specially Curated Recommended Resources

    Go deeper with specially curated extra articles, videos and links to other recommended resources, to help you gain even more insights and understanding about gender differences and their impact on the pitch and your life in general.

  • Community

    You'll get access to an exclusive Facebook Group, a safe space where you can share your experiences of pitching, give and get feedback and tips from each other and stay in touch with other female founders like you.

Course Bonuses

  • Pitch Feedback Printable

    ($20 value) FREE!

  • Quick Tips Guide for your Pitch

    Videos & workbook FREE!

  • The Top 10 Slides You Need in Your Deck


Course details

Check out what you'll learn

  1. 3
    • What You Will Learn

    • WATCH: Where do Biases come from and what biases do Investors and Female Founders have?

    • TAKE ACTION: Worksheet - Understanding Biases and Blindspots

    • GO FURTHER: Learn more about unconscious bias, where it comes from

    • Check what you learned about bias

  2. 4
    • What You Will Learn

    • WATCH: Understanding Gender Differences Through Neuroscience.

    • TAKE ACTION: Worksheet - Where do Gender Differences Come From?

    • GO FURTHER: Learn more about how your brain works and impact on bias

  3. 5
    • What You Will Learn

    • WATCH: Why the 10-Minute Pitch works better for Men

    • TAKE ACTION: Worksheet on Why the 10-Minute Pitch works better for Men than for Women

    • GO FURTHER: Learn more about Pitching

    • Remember why the 10-minute Pitch works differently for Women?

  4. 6
    • What You Will Learn

    • WATCH: How Male and Female Entrepreneurs Approach the Pitch Differently

    • TAKE ACTION: Worksheet - How Male and Female Entrepreneurs Approach the Pitch

    • GO FURTHER: Pitching Resources to Help You Get Even Better

    • BONUS: Techstars Master Your Pitch Guide

  5. 7
    • What You Will Learn

    • WATCH: Practical Key Tips to Help You "Own The Moment" Every Time You Pitch

    • TAKE ACTION: Worksheet - Practical Key Tips to Help You "Own The Moment" When You Pitch

    • GO FURTHER: Watch Amy Cuddy's Definitive Talk on Body Language and How It Can Shape You

    • BONUS: Pitch Q&A Feedback Printable

    • BONUS: Article: The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch

  6. 8
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...


Founder Global Invest Her Speaker & Woman's Advocate

Anne Ravanona

I’m passionate about closing the $1Trillion Funding Gap for women entrepreneurs. I directly advise several startups on their funding strategy, work with accelerators, government bodies to help them support female founders and have been a judge on several pitch competitions. I also consult with corporates on gender diversity. During my 25 year career, I have successfully pitched and won global multi-million dollar contracts with Fortune 500 companies and international organisations (pitching mostly to men!). As a woman's advocate, I speak internationally at tech and startup conferences on this topic to raise awareness about unconscious bias and the challenges for female founders raising funds, including at TEDx. I write for the Huffington Post, Medium, Linked In about Trailblazing Women (entrepreneurs, investors and leaders) and the global funding ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

John Fayad & Company Inc., Gender Awareness Specialist

John Fayad

I am a writer, facilitator, and frequent speaker on The Nature of Gender Differences and The Business Case for Gender Diversity. I’ve done extensive research over the years on the biological and cultural influences on gender and have collaborated on three books on gender differences at work and in personal life, including “Work With Me” with John Gray, author of “Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus”. I work globally with Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as American Express, Coca-Cola, NASA, L’Oréal, Nissan, SAP, and Vistage Worldwide, providing keynotes and facilitating gender awareness workshops, helping both men and women better understand and be better understood by the other gender.

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  • How many times can I access the Own the Moment program?

    No need to rush your learning! You have unlimited access to your Own the Moment online course for a maximum of 12 months from your date of purchase.

  • Do I have to do the modules in the sequence shown?

    Yes, the course is organised so that you take each module in the sequence , as the learnings from each module builds on those from the previous one.

  • What's included in the modules?

    Each module has 3 sections: WATCH, TAKE ACTION and GO FURTHER, where you can watch the short videos (maximum length is 23 minutes), reflect on what you've learned and take notes in the worksheet provided in each module. We also give you links to other resources such as books, articles, videos to go further if you'd like to go even deeper into any particular section.

  • Is there an Own The Moment Community I can join?

    Yes. When you buy the course, you'll be invited to the Own The Moment closed Facebook group, where you can connect with others who have bought the program from around the world, share experiences and tips about pitching to male investors and get updated resources on pitching, unconscious bias!

  • How can I contact Anne or John if I have an questions?

    You can contact either instructor directly via email, or through the conversations section in the course. You also have the option of asking us questions in the Course Facebook Group.

  • Can I pay in several instalments?

    Hopefully by now, you'll see why this course is a great investment for you. We don't offer payment in different instalments for the Own the Moment program. As you can access all the content immediately and we have put a lot of love and work into bringing you an amazing online course, we hope you'll invest in yourself and join us on the other side. We promise you'll never pitch the same way again!

Only $497 (worth $1297)

You'll Never Pitch the Same Way Again to Male Investors!

  • $497.00

    Own the Moment When Pitching Course

  • Own The Moment in 6 payments

    6 x $87 excluding Tax


This course is about improving your ability to pitch to male investors quickly and effectively.

Because, quite simply, if you can convince key male stakeholders, you can get access to more resources you need to grow your business.

In this course, we give you a powerful toolkit. We go far beyond the usual pitch courses you may have been exposed to, diving into the actual neurological factors that effect how women are perceived and judged in the pitch situation.

We also give you lots of practical tips based on real proven gender differences, that give you an edge in pitching and negotiating with men in general.

You'll never pitch the same way again and will get through to men in a whole new way - better and faster.