Get Ready to Rock Every Investor Meeting From Now On!

  • Take how you convince Investors to the next level, with a unique Communication Model

  • Be more assertive and confident, Handle difficult questions better when Pitching for funding

  • Develop your Active Listening skills & learn how to 'read' Investors better for more success in your pitch

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Invest in Yourself and Your Funding Success

If you want to really have impactful conversations with potential Investors

where you feel in control and not the other way round... you're in the right place, with the right person!

I am a leadership and communication expert and consultant, founder of the LeaderLike You! approach and work with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs like you from around the world! I firmly believe that at the forefront of any business, communication skills are crucial to your success, even more so when you are an entrepreneur looking for funding.
Robert Kahn, Founder & CEO, LeaderLIke You!

In this Bite-size Course I'll help you:

  • Positively influence Investors, Team members and Partners to get the outcomes desired (with everyone feeling valued and respected)

  • Present your ideas in a more compelling, confident manner

  • Handle difficult or sensitive topics, ( financial/pitch presentations, client relations , major speeches, team interactions) while reducing nervousness and increasing overall effectiveness

  • Develop leadership skills and leadership presence when negotiating with different cultures and personalities

  • Maximize your presence, positively influence, and communicate confidence while presenting with impact and gravitas to investors!

I've helped 1000's of leaders like you, communicate more confidently and powerfully for better success


Do You Want To:

  • Become a master at presenting yourself and your pitch to Investors?

  • Have more success in all your conversations with investors and in all areas of your life?

  • Increase your overall confidence when pitching and handling Investor Q&As?

  • Learn how to recognise 'micro-behaviours' and make them work for you?

  • Want your success to grow, and get funded?

  • Then you are in the right place!

Course Content

  1. 1
    • Welcome from Your Instructor - Robert Kahn

    • Before we begin...

  2. 2
    • Quick Tour: How to navigate the Course

  3. 3
    • Why you're here!

    • What you'll learn

    • How your new skills will help you

  4. 4
    • Introduction - The Agentic model - Your new communication tool to deal with investors

  5. 5
    • Round 1 - 'Power Over' Archetype - Authoritative/Aggressive

  6. 6
    • Part 2 - 'Power Under' Archetype - Apathy

  7. 7
    • Part 3 - 'Power With' Archetype - Assertiveness

  8. 8
    • LeaderLike You! Podcast episode on - J.G.R.R. (Joy, Gratitude, Regret, Request)

    • LeaderLikeYou Podcast

    • InvestHer Podcast

  9. 9
    • Congrats! Here's to your success!

    • Before you go...


You know what will make a big difference in your Investor Meetings?

  • Understanding Investors and What They Want

    What better way to understand investors than to hear directly from them what they want before investing in a startup? Get lots of great insights from InvestHer Podcast.

  • Understanding & Managing your Emotions

    This podcast episode from Robert's Leader Like You podcast explains the JGRR model (Joy, Gratitude, Regret, Request) that he has used with 100's of leaders around the world to help them understand and manage their emotions.

  • Agentic Communication Model

    Download your version of the Agentic Communication Model so you can always have it on you as a reminder, before and after investor meetings.


Leadership Expert & Consultant

Robert Kahn

Robert Kahn is a very experienced leadership and communication expert and consultant, founder of the LeaderLike You! approach and works with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. He firmly believes that at the forefront of any business, communication skills are crucial to your success. A high energy, focused and multicultural leadership expert (he trains in several languages fluently), Robert actively demonstrates how to use his powerful communication models, so that you are ready to face your next leadership situation with ease and confidence. He is a health & fitness enthusiast and ensures he's always in peak condition to give his best energy and focus to help you succeed. He's also an energetic and accomplished Master of Ceremonies and Presentation, Influencing and Media Skills consultant, who has helped thousands of leaders like you get the outcomes you want from our pitch or investor meetings. Robert prides himself on giving people the skills to find direction and drive, becoming the best version of themselves in their professional and personal lives. You'll leave his course energised, focused and raring to implement your new communication skills with investors! Learn more about him here:

Only $49

Invest in Yourself and Your Funding Success

This' Positioning Yourself Powerfully With Investors' course is for you EVEN if:

  • You haven't yet started looking for funding yet

  • You've only met a few investors and haven't started 'pitching' yet

  • You've already pitched to investors in the past

  • You already feel confident when speaking with investors

  • You've already raised a first round of funding - you'll hone your skills here!

  • You haven't started your company yet, though are curious and want to learn

  • There's no communication challenge I haven't faced myself or helped other leaders overcome.

  • I've got it covered. WE'VE got it covered!

Positioning Yourself Powerfully with Investors  will help you go to your future investor meetings feeling calm and confident instead of stressed and worried.

And it's just the start!

It's really about helping you create and own your own success throughout your funding journey, meeting by meeting.

Pitching for funding shouldn't be intimidating, stressful or daunting. It should be like any other partner or business meeting you usually have with key clients.

The Agentic Communication model you'll learn in this course, will help you identify the 3 communication archetypes , so you'll feel more in control of all investor meetings in future. 

Shall we do this?