Stop searching all over the web to find lists of potential investors and sources of funding! 

We've done the work for you, by selecting great lists of investors, some all female investors and some mixed, so you can do your research and target the right ones for you!

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As of today, we at Women.VC are the only team that scan ALL active venture funds, therefore, our numbers are the most accurate in the market after every update. This approach takes much more time, but when it affects the results, we're ready to work more. Our data is based on the personalized list of women venture capital investors who vote on investment committees and/or make investment decisions on behalf of traditional and corporate venture funds. Individual angels investors and angel groups are not included in the main list. After scanning available public resources and crunching the numbers, here is the proprietary data we have: - women venture capital investors who founded the VC firms; - women venture capital investors who were junior investment professionals before becoming investment partners; - women venture capital investors who invest on behalf corporate venture capital funds; - women venture capital investors who have investment banking or management consulting background; - women venture capital investors whose investment strategy includes funding women-entrepreneurs; - portfolio of women venture capital investors and its performance.
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Women in VC

Global Directory

The world’s largest global directory for women in venture capital to find each other, connect, and collaborate. About this Research - Predominantly Self-Reported - Corporate and Institutional VCs Only - Layering in Public Data - Slight Bias Toward NYC
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VC Champions are experienced and successful senior General Partners

How It Works SUPERCHARGED 1:1S & NETWORKING Each GP will be matched with a rising investor for a one hour 1:1 conversation once per quarter, for a total of four matches per year. Conversations will occur over video or in-person.
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Investing in Women, People of Colour and LGBT founders


Less than 10% of all venture capital deals go to women, People of Color, and LGBT founders. Other VCs see this as a pipeline problem. We see it as the biggest opportunity in investment.
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Tracking Venture Capital with a Gender Lens

We wanted to: • Provide a current landscape of structured private equity, venture capital, and private debt vehicles that operate with a gender lens. • Present trends in gender lens investing, as a follow-up to Project Sage 1.0. • Provide insight on why funds that consistently use a gender lens in their investments may not state it publicly. This report is for: • Fund managers and financial advisors interested in how different funds construct their offerings. • Investors interested in using capital to drive profits and achieve impact. • Entrepreneurs and intermediaries aiming to understand the priorities of fund managers. • Researchers who help to drive further study of impact investing and gender lens investing in particular.
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Data on global venture capital, private equity and public markets—at your fingertips

Research companies, transactions, funds, investors, service providers and professionals from around the world.
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Global Database of companies and investment deal

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