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Top 10 Places to Look For Funding

For Female Founders In a Hurry!

We want to make things easier for you and help you speed up your research time, by pointing you in the right direction, with this list of Top 10 Funding Sources, specially curated for you, so you can already start planning who you want to target, to pitch your awesome startup.
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InvestHer Podcast - Investor Interviews

Host: Anne Ravanona

Get lots of juicy behind-the-scenes info from investors around the world, to help you learn more about a specific source of funding, their funding criteria and what they're like as people, so you can better see if they could be a good fit for you!
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InvestHer Podcast - Women Founder Interviews

Host: Anne Ravanona

What better way to learn how to raise money than to hear from other women entrepreneurs who've successfully done it before you? You'll enjoy hearing how each founder raised her funding step-by-step, how she overcame challenges and her practical key tips to help you on your journey. Enjoy!
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Is it really harder for Women Entrepreneurs to Get Funding?

Learn more in this TEDx from our Founder

Watch how asking a harmless question at an event led Anne Ravanona to build Global Invest Her, and discover how Community can change funding for women entrepreneurs.

Investor Databases

Check out these great global lists of venture capitalists and business angels, to do your Investor Research

Stop searching all over the web to find lists of potential investors and sources of funding. We've done the work for you by selecting great lists of investors, some female founder focused, some mixed, so you can do your investor research.
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What Investors Want to Know Before They Invest

Get inside their heads, so you can better answer their questions!

If you're new to the funding game, you'll probably be curious about what investors actually look for in a company before they invest. Or if you've already had some investor meetings, maybe some of these things will ring true for you and bring you some additional insights?

Funding Must Reads

Stop those midnight google searches on which are the best books, or investor blogs to read, and best funding podcasts to listen to. Quality recommendations, specially curated for you!

Funding Conversations (Watch Replays)

Connect with Investors, Funded Founders and Key Funding Ecosystem Players

Ever wished you could ask investors and funded women entrepreneurs any question you wanted live, without the pressure of 'pitching' or trying to impress? Then check out these great video interviews where other founders like you, asked great funding questions - get high quality insights tailored to women entrepreneurs!

Funded, Fearless Females Surviving & Thriving Through The Downturn

Replay of Webinar by Techstars 20th March, 2020

For startup founders, it’s challenging all around right now - but in particular for female founders who raise less money overall and now may be feeling the cash crunch more acutely. Join three experienced operators-turned-investors Anna Barber (Managing Director Techstars LA and partner in the Fund LA), Jenny Fielding (Managing Director Techstars NYC and partner of The Fund) and special guest Joanne Wilson (former retail exec and angel investor in over 100 companies) as we answer questions about how to survive and thrive through the current social distancing and possible economic downturn.

Top Funding Tips from Investors

Curated Videos, full of practical tips to help you get funded faster!

What do Investors look for before investing? Learn more from these top Women investors, about their practical key tips, to help you get investor-ready, to get funded.

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Global Invest Her Guide to Covid-19 Resources

Check out the specific Covid-19 Resources available to you in your country, as well as some Covid-19 resources specially for you, the Woman Entrepreneur!  Some may have been updated to please check the latest information on your side.

Curated with ❤️ by your Funding Friends at Global Invest Her.

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